The Alpha King's White Wolf

The Alpha King's White Wolf

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Skylynn By rollinlikeastone Updated Aug 04

Savannah was the daughter of the Alpha with the second most strongest pack in the world. Her three best friends and herself were part of the most well-known prophecy in history, but she had to keep it a secret from the world.

She wants a mate, despite their possessive nature. But she finds out the werewolf Alpha King is her mate. 

Put the strongest wolf in History and the Alpha King together and what will it make? (Whispers) You'll have to read to see.


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meggal15696 meggal15696 13 hours ago
You are not able to make fun of something that doesn't affect you or shouldn't bother you
I love how she just whispers and he's all like MINE GRRRRR BIG ALPHA YELL PERSON
She sounds like a bith if i were to meet her but hey i can'r judge. Book by its cover
awesome919 awesome919 Mar 11
One half will be Marlin junior and the other half will be Coral junior
rizzie242 rizzie242 Mar 27