Gold Hearts

Gold Hearts

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Once upon a time, the Merfolk were just a myth. Today people know better. For every Merfolk there is human as their soulmate. Eren Jäger is sucked into a world he's not ready to experience with no way out. Levi, a member of the Merfolk, is set on Eren being his soulmate. Collin, a psychopathic Siren, is set on taking Eren away from Levi. Eren just wants to get out before he falls in love and loses the will to leave. 

*Warning: The following story contains graphic violence and Stockholm Syndrome. Viewer description is advised. 

~I don't own any characters, just the plot~

Anybody read Prince of the Seven Seas? It was a really good Larry Stylinson book
Horse face have you gone with freckled Jesus (sorry not sorry)
dam_u_percy dam_u_percy Mar 23
Me: ....How would they have sex?? I mean like that's putting two different species with different sexual organisms together so they have sex, omg it like imagine a merman with like a dic-
                               Ereri fans who somehow understand this logic: okay! Can u like shut up now?
sketch28 sketch28 Sep 11
They are beauty, they are grace, they will punch you in the face!
My dog sneezed and the tv turned on. I'm currently in my living room shivering, I need to grow some lady balls
aishiteru_ aishiteru_ Mar 22
Omg...he waited 372 years for his love?! Bravo to you Levi for your amazing patience cuz I can't even wait 3 minutes for my laptop for load •_•)