Gold Hearts

Gold Hearts

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Once upon a time, the Merfolk were just a myth. Today people know better. For every Merfolk there is human as their soulmate. Eren Jäger is sucked into a world he's not ready to experience with no way out. Levi, a member of the Merfolk, is set on Eren being his soulmate. Collin, a psychopathic Siren, is set on taking Eren away from Levi. Eren just wants to get out before he falls in love and loses the will to leave. 

*Warning: The following story contains graphic violence and Stockholm Syndrome. Viewer description is advised. 

~I don't own any characters, just the plot~

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yuky-Mary yuky-Mary Jun 13
Just a question, if all the humans have a soul mate and will be take away when they turn sixteen , how can humans still exist if they are take away to the ocean ?
Gyloo_rat Gyloo_rat Sep 29
                              D O N T
                                            D R O P 
                                                        T H E
                                                                  S O A P  🌚
Vestuvia Vestuvia Nov 26
I'm reading this again, because it is so good! You should continue gold souls please!
Watch all the haters come here and complain about the age gap but then they say they ship Sebastian X Ciel. Now that's a huge af age gap
                              (I'm sure I spelt that so wrong)
bribrimc bribrimc Jun 07
I am screaming as soon as I finished that sentence the aot theme SONG STARED PLAYING IN MY HEAD