Gold Hearts

Gold Hearts

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Once upon a time, the Merfolk were just a myth. Today people know better. For every Merfolk there is human as their soulmate. Eren Jäger is sucked into a world he's not ready to experience with no way out. Levi, a member of the Merfolk, is set on Eren being his soulmate. Collin, a psychopathic Siren, is set on taking Eren away from Levi. Eren just wants to get out before he falls in love and loses the will to leave. 

*Warning: The following story contains graphic violence and Stockholm Syndrome. Viewer description is advised. 

~I don't own any characters, just the plot~

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NeedethHolyWater NeedethHolyWater 7 days ago
You’ll be shrieking even louder when Levi finds you *sips tea*
yuky-Mary yuky-Mary Jun 13
Just a question, if all the humans have a soul mate and will be take away when they turn sixteen , how can humans still exist if they are take away to the ocean ?
                              D O N T
                                            D R O P 
                                                        T H E
                                                                  S O A P  🌚
                              Would a monster wait 372 years for the love of his life, or hurt anyone that tries to hurt you because he cares for you, I think not.
Watch all the haters come here and complain about the age gap but then they say they ship Sebastian X Ciel. Now that's a huge af age gap
Eren: Its my birthday!
                              Me: Happy birthday! You get an yandere Crazy Mermaid
                              Levi: I'm a merman get it right 😒
                              Me: shut up before I turn you into sushi boi