The New York Doll: the beginning

The New York Doll: the beginning

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Ellie Midwood By EllieMidwood Updated Aug 14, 2014

Chapter 6

I remember that cold November night very well. After the driver, Ari's father's friend Sam, picked up all the girls from Brooklyn and me from Staten Island, we made a stop at the gas station somewhere in New Jersey to switch girls from van to van, according to which club they were heading to. Both drivers, Sam and Alex, were calling out girls' names according to the lists given to them by agents, the so-called "middle men" between the girls and different clubs. Sam told me to go to the van that was taking ten other girls to the South Jersey. He also introduced me to one of the girls and asked her to look after me and to explain me everything. Her name was Lana, she was very pretty, with long dark hair and beautiful, a little bit Arabic eyes.

- Don't even worry about a thing, - she was telling me while we were making our way to the club on a dark, deserted road. - The managers are very nice there, and so are the customers.

I wasn't really worrying. Surprisingly,...