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Find Me Again // phan

Find Me Again // phan

476K Reads 25.6K Votes 14 Part Story
court knee By pIisetsky Completed

Sequel to Discovering Love!
Dan is only just now aware of the fact that he loves Phil Lester, but at the wrong moment, because Phil hates him. He makes that very clear, in the way he successfully ignores Dan. But Dan is desperate, because the longer he and Phil are separated, the more his heart is breaking, and pretty soon he won't be able to deal with it. 
Does he have what it takes to make Phil love him again? Or will he always be hated by the boy with the blue eyes.

-phxn21 -phxn21 Feb 16
If you loved him you wouldn't have cheated and broken his heart
phastel-- phastel-- Feb 17
well danyul you'd better think twice before you do something
                              DEFENDING THE GUY YOU CHEATED WITH?!!??!!