Pull Me Closer

Pull Me Closer

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Rascals By RascaIs Completed

Kami Jenkins doesn't believe there's such a thing as 'the one' and that all love is conditional. When she meets Jett, however, everything she believed she knew is tested. 

Jett Skinner doesn't look at girls twice. When Kami shows him that she can see past the tattoos and piercings. He would do anything to make her his. But what happens when what brought them together will stop at nothing to tear them apart?

Title Credits: Forever2018
Copy rights and credit to NicoleKristy

Dream_believe_love Dream_believe_love Feb 06, 2016
Her name kinda sounds like that singer Carly Rae Jepson... Or is it Jensen? Idk the chick who sings call me maybe
Dream_believe_love Dream_believe_love Apr 08, 2016
Lmao this is my third time reading this book and this line gets me every time
Dope_Naee Dope_Naee Jul 13, 2016
When Wattpad subjects you to so many books with so many characters. So when you see their name in other books you automatically think they're connected
- - Jul 29, 2016
rereading >:) i should be studying or in bed because i have a test and a quiz tmrw but nup :)
vikturstaco vikturstaco Feb 03, 2016
                              JUST A LITTLE BIT IS ENOUGH
                              JUST A SECOND WE'RE NOT BROKEN
                              JUST BENT
                              AND WE CAN LEAAARN TO LOVE AGAAIN
Second book I've read of this author and she/he (never know) had managed to slay my cold icy heart in the first chapter ......... someone give this girl/boy an AWARD!! 👏🏼👏🏼😭💓