Crystal Hope

Crystal Hope

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You seriously want to read this?
Well, go ahead, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Anne Johnson is a typical 17 year old finishing her high school years and prepping for the future. But all of that gets put on hold when she finds out about her past. Her family is a part of the witness protection. Now that the people who put them into the system have been released from jail, the government has assigned agents into their lives. Unfortunitly for Anne, the circumstances push her and her protector, Mark Winston, together. Anne will quickly find out that if she wants to remain in Bayville, California, she will have to keep this long hidden secret from the people closest to her.

Copyrighted. So, DO NOT STEAL OR REPOST. I just wanted to remind you all of that. Now, moving on...

Cover made by the amazing @_madness_ :D

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irisboche21 irisboche21 Aug 29, 2016
Dude that's a great reference to not exactly romeo and Juliet
Welsh_daydreamer Welsh_daydreamer May 19, 2016
Why am I the only one to comment on the fact that a GUY was called JADE
cantloveforever cantloveforever Dec 25, 2015
YASS. I read that and was like "Yes! *fist pumps air* not exactly romeo & juliet! :)"
princessk98 princessk98 Oct 23, 2015
Can someone explain how homeroom works? My school doesn't have it
Alexis_08 Alexis_08 Jul 02, 2015
How is it his first day if she's going to have her last quiz of the year?
cookiemahnsta cookiemahnsta Mar 02, 2015
it's honestly not that serious. Her parents were trying to protect her