Sweet Lady:A Tyga Story

Sweet Lady:A Tyga Story

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THIS IS BOOK ONE IN THE SWEET LADY SERIES.!! Please read before reading Forever Yours.! 


Moving out of Chicago to LA to make a better life for herself and for her family Aaliyah searches out for a job.But when she bumps into someone she see's that their offering a job to the stars.!She quickly asks about the job asking when can she get an interview.As she gets the job she see's that she's gonna be cooking and cleaning for Michael Stevenson aka TYGA.!He takes a liking in her and her child.!He starts flirting even though he is taken.!What will happen between them.??Are they gonna fall in love or are they just gonna be boss and empolyee.??Find out.!!!


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OfficiallyBritt OfficiallyBritt Feb 15, 2016
Shrimp fried rice chicken wong-tong Shrimp  fried rice uhh chicken wing
OGsus_ OGsus_ Feb 16, 2016
See my son too much of a savage he will curse yo ass out quick behind me or his daddy but he respects most of his elders llf
OGsus_ OGsus_ Feb 16, 2016
I'm Creole nd Cajun I'll make yo ass some Haitian food too but ling ling not hea for Chinese food
its_barbie23 its_barbie23 Sep 05, 2015
I was like tyga but then I was like no he to nice then Chris will just say ma so I thought it was trey but he came later in the story.
1Sariess1 1Sariess1 Aug 27, 2015
xxCan-You-Notxx xxCan-You-Notxx Jul 15, 2015
I feel as if Chris Brown her daddy, if he is then it's all bad y'all lmao