My Brothers Enemy is my Mate

My Brothers Enemy is my Mate

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Natasha JIH By ShawnMendesILY Updated Jul 28

Hi, I'm Madison Sky Moon and i am a werewolf. Well not just me my whole family are werewolfs and then my dad is the Alpha of our pack the Blue Sea Pack.

Ok i will tell you a bit about myself, well so as you already know my name is Madison Sky Moon, I am 16, I have 5 brothers and 1 sister, i know right so many boys but i will tell you know, it is help full to have brothers, because they are very over protective and it does come in handy becasue one time.... actually i won't tell you about that because its personal.

 But anyway my best friends are Zoe and Ryan Daniels who are twins.

Ok so that is all i am going to tell you about myself at the minute but you will know more about me by reading my story 'My Brothers Enemy is my Mate

Yes I feel if they have proven that mermaids are real what else could be out there, this world is so big we never know
natalie9335 natalie9335 Aug 06
Yes my family calls me crazy and that their not real but I'm like have you seen one and they say no so I say then you don't know if they aren't real
jesibele09 jesibele09 Oct 20
i am literally a fan can you please check out my stories and follow me
AlbiForever44 AlbiForever44 Oct 05, 2015
How can they be players ..but hv mates as well...imagine that but in like a British accent..I'm American but I luv accents
wilsonsRock1 wilsonsRock1 Apr 20, 2015
@ShawnMendesILY please up date I am going to read your other book but please up date!! Thai sound awesome please write it!!
Diana78909 Diana78909 Feb 16, 2015
can you please start it:) it sounds interesting!! and can't wait for u to start!!!