The Faustine Chronicles [I]: The Book of Fate (Complete First Draft)

The Faustine Chronicles [I]: The Book of Fate (Complete First Draft)

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I regret to inform you that the world is going to end and everyone's going to die... 

....unless, of course, the villain gets the girl. 

I suppose it would help if he wasn't actually a cold-blooded killer and if she were a bit less annoyed about it. 

          Whose great idea was this, I hear you cry? - Well, that would be Fate. Not mine. All I do is write down what Fate tells me. My name is Nicodemus, by the way, and I'd just like to say that I never asked to be a part of this. Slavers, warriors, supernatural wolves, fair enough - but I draw the line at psychopathic faeries and the whole blood-drinking scene. Not that anyone cares. Just saying. 

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