Asunder, Asunder. |Ever Soul 1| ONC 3

Asunder, Asunder. |Ever Soul 1| ONC 3

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Abbigail Raelyn Chris #blm By abbyraechris08 Updated Apr 05

"Death Beacons, like a seductive whisper in the night. That ever bright blade breaks me Asunder, Asunder."

I have never been afraid of death. For my people, the Garten, its not permanent. Our souls carry our memories to our next lives. unless we chose to forget.

We are an ever wandering race, having a colony in many a planet and living in relative peace.

That all changes when King Ordos is murdered by his brother, Prince Rinaxion who now wields the long lost Aberos blade, Which has been famed for only one thing. The ability to kill a soul forever. 

The royal family is massacred and a planet is destroyed in Rinaxion's battle to rule the whole Garten colonies. Survivors have no choice but to bow to the new tyrant king.

Luckily, the heir to the throne wasn't killed and is being protected by a secret guild that has been protecting the soul he carries for thousands of years. 

But there is a traitor and the Prince isn't save. Earth is the last resort. And I've been assigned to protect him, going undercover on a human planet won't be easy. 

But that is the least of my worries. With the Aberos blade now in the hands of a tyrant. No one is safe. The time of The Ever souls may have come to an end. I fear the sacrifices I'll have to make to keep that from happening.

I have never been afraid of death. But I am now.