The chase is on. Will she win the attention of the good looking man across the bar? What will she do if she does? Who is really chasing who?
    Flash Fiction
@Mezmerised i love your writing style, another short but great read, thanks for sharing :)
@VictorBruneski Thank you :o) a chance at redemption, missed.
Wow, that was really emotional, not to mention so well written.  I guess revenge is a dish best served cold.  Although I lved how she gave him a chance to seeif he learned his lesson.
you are really very good at writing emotional short story!!!!
Really lovely story - well crafted and no, I didn't see the ending.  Love the whole liquor theme from beginning to end.
A very well-crafted short story with beautiful descriptive passages.  Keeps the reader guessing.  Dark, compelling and emotive.  A great read, once again.