Finding Oak (Teacher x Student)

Finding Oak (Teacher x Student)

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Kayla Kirkwood By Kayla_Kayy_ Updated Mar 06, 2017

All over the news, all over the media. Everyone was looking for her.

She was somewhere, dead or alive.
When a 16 year old escapes from abduction, luckily with her life, she runs. Losing hope, losing energy, she pounds on the door of the only house with lights still on.

She didn't know who the mysterious man that answered was, but he saved her. She trusted Eriq Romanov. 
He didn't know how, but he now had a beautifully scarred and amnesiac child to return to where ever it is she had come from.
With no recollection of how she got here, or who did what to her; The two find themselves tangled together in a web of secrets, scandals and lies as they both move to discover what really happened to Roanoke Fey. Will her new life here with Eriq prove to be a happy ending to her suffering? Probably another Greek tragedy, as the townsfolk begin to keep her their own dirty little secret. 
And who would have thought that through all the memories and the torture, Roanoke would find herself learning how to fall in love again, even after it was stolen from her by the blurry face in her nightmares.

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- - Feb 20, 2017
You'd think she'd be too weak to escape from a healthy grown man..
SlytherinWaffle77 SlytherinWaffle77 Feb 27, 2017
Does this part remind anyone else of Call It An Obsession, a Brendon Urie fanfic?
elephant2355 elephant2355 Mar 29, 2016
I love your writing style, everything about this chapter is just perfect! :)
elephant2355 elephant2355 Mar 29, 2016
I love this book so far, I rarely comment and like chapters. Can't wait to read the next chapter. :D
temporaryfixation temporaryfixation Oct 23, 2015
I read this book a while back and now she's following me! Remember. I said it made my cry??? @CarlyGorman5
Shesmorethanamemory Shesmorethanamemory Aug 16, 2014
Nice description in this chapter. you set the tone for a breathless runner.