The Vampire Douche! (Editing in progress)

The Vampire Douche! (Editing in progress)

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Lady A By MissDepressing Updated Nov 05, 2019

A seriously deranged vampire and a psychotic female who just loves to get under this vampires skin. 
Blade is mean, horrible, short tempered, ugly... well I might be lying about the last part. The son of the ruler of all vampires is next in line for the throne. What joy could this bring for Ariel? A clumsy girl who is just aimlessly walking into trouble. This had all began on her 16th birthday. That was when Blade had came into her life and became the biggest douche she had ever had to deal with, considering the fact that he has kept her as an ornamental slave, knowing Ariel she will do anything to get her revenge for being enslaved to a demonic vampire, and by anything I mean, anything!

Join Ariel on this path of insanity that is if, you dare...


This is an old story which I am currently editing at the moment, but feel free to read it if you don't mind some typos and don't worry the crazy parts will still remain the same ;)