So He's My Mate

So He's My Mate

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SEQUEL TO HAVING A MATE LIKE ME---Very Different From The First One in Layla POV
"Guess what?" I smiled flopping down at the seat next to him.

"You want to leave because you realize I don't give a shit," he turned to me with a cold glare.

"No not quite."

"Of course not," he mumbled sounding disappointed

"So like 99.5% of my people at the people in this town-"

"In this shitty broke down town," he added.

I shrugged continuing, "Pee their pants at the sight of you-"

"Everything about you is about numbers. What are you a math geek?"

I giggled, "And you're all about tattoos and acting like you don't care about anything-"

"I don't."


He glared at me, "What did you just call me?"

I smirked, "My mom uses it sometimes and you're a shitter-no you're the worst Shitty thing on the planet."

He gave me an evil smirk before saying, "I'm going to make you eat those words."

I only giggled, "Don't shit on them before you make me eat them, okay?" I winked at him before getting up and heading to class.

Isaac was the most feared guy in town. He didn't have a care in a world, skipped school, got drunk, got high-rumor even has it he even killed somebody. On the first day of school in comes the new girl, Layla, who sits at his table, picks off his lunch. Layla, on the other hand, was little rough around the edges and when she sees her mate seating all by his lonesome, she doesn't hesitate to push his buttons. But Layla has the same problem as her mother and Isaac saw it right away-she just couldn't shut up. With Bad Habits Vs Bad Fun Ways, there is no telling Having A Mate Like Layla will do to Issac.

811450Z 811450Z Jul 23, 2016
Ahhhhhhh like mother like daughter 
                              Memories from ten seconds ago
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please read my story (sit though the first chapter, it gets a lot better.) it's called "Unforgiven"
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Ahhh where have the times gone baby it's all wrong where are the plans made for two?  (get it like 2nd book)
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Ahhhh memories from legit like 30 seconds ago...
                              Ah memories
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Omg love yr books can stop laughing keep up the funny story's loving it!
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