Seattle Bites

Seattle Bites

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Stella Rhodes By Phoenix-Rhodes Updated Apr 09, 2011

Blaine is irresistible, deadly and a member of the most fierce vampire clan.

While Blaine is feeding in dark alleyway a young girl named Alexa Paige Interrupts the killing. Blaine sees her and kidnaps her after realizing he can’t glamor her into forgetting what she saw here. 

Blaine and Malik discovers her blood holds the key destroying the werewolves but if this got out to the werewolf’s they would be after her so they can’t release Alexa epically since she would be a dead girl walking. So they and the rest of the clan vow to protect her at whatever means necessary. 

Blaine and Malik revile to Alexa what her blood can do to werewolves; she thinks there crazy and freaks out even more, especially since there werewolves would be after her.

Megan Wilder a Werewolf with in the vampire clan leaves after finding out this information and tell the rest of her old pack. 

To the Moon Pack…Megan is a traitor and they don’t believe her, until word on the street is that all vampires are protecting one lousy human. Megan is welcomed back to the pack as hero but every vampire in Seattle is after her. 

Terrence Pack leader watches from a distance of Alexa him and Beta wolf Keith come up with a plan to get Alexa away from the vampires but they don’t know whether to kill her or not when the capture her as they can’t attack her in there wolf form and do they really want to murder her in there human form.

Still deciding what they are going to do Megan visits Alexa and explains why she had to do it… but Alexa won’t even look at her