Midnight Indigo

Midnight Indigo

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Sofia C. Carde By PaperThinSkin14 Updated 6 days ago

Centuries ago, the Indigo Kingdom was overthrown. The royal family managed to escape in the chaos. Over the years, convicts, refugees, and escapees have flocked to the ruins of the kingdom, eventually forming a Neutral Territories named Sterling. 

Seventeen generations later, Indigo "Ink" Starr is the current heir to the Indigo throne. Or, she would be, if her family had any plans whatsoever to reclaim the kingdom. Her life's plan-as laid out by her mother-is pretty much just to learn how to use her ancestral magic, stay undetected, and not die in a lawless mess of a town. But after a foreign coin and a pile of scraps of barely legible burned parchment appear on her windowsill with no explanation, she takes it upon herself to unravel the mystery. 

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Cover made by the incredible  Annie Hara (@annie1loves1you)