The Alpha's Secrets (2nd Book of The Alpha Wolves)

The Alpha's Secrets (2nd Book of The Alpha Wolves)

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Angelica By BraveAngelGirl Updated Jul 07, 2015

Gone into labor, Marielle Heartifillia has no clue what comes in the future for her child. The child who was destined for something more than a normal were. This story follows Mari and Max's child named after the moon, Celina.

On the night of her Eighteenth birthday, two years after she was supposed to meet her mate, she goes to the only place that she feels safe from everyone; the waterfall. There she finds what seems like an ordinary ring, but is anything but.

Cyrus; named after the sun, has been looking for his mate for three years and he still hasn't stopped searching. On his finger is a ring that has been passed down for generations in his family. As Alpha, he needs a Luna and he suspects that his Luna has the matching ring to his.

With these rings are destinies that are unclear, what will come for the future when the Sun and the Moon finally meet? Darkness...

  • alpha
  • destiny
  • labor
  • love
  • luna
  • mate
  • moon
  • ring
  • secrets
  • sun
GoldenSapphire2 GoldenSapphire2 Jun 04, 2015
Oh yeah time for this to go *FLIPS TABLE* first one for this book XD
GoldenSapphire2 GoldenSapphire2 Jun 04, 2015
I like how doctors are like 'what seems to be the problem?' When your LITERALLY either have a broken arm, a concussion, or well I don't know... GOING INTO LABOR!
play4416 play4416 Apr 15, 2015
read the first book, you should put its name in for the lazy people. but OMG tension
Evelyn2003Platt Evelyn2003Platt Mar 29, 2015
omg I absolutely loved the first book, and this book sounds jst as good.......
hollydavishicks hollydavishicks Mar 20, 2015
Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please update update update update please update
WuYiFan001 WuYiFan001 Mar 08, 2015
yay!a sequel!gosh I hope her daughter deserve a destined mate someday!