Have We Met Before? (Ereri)

Have We Met Before? (Ereri)

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Eren is now 18, he's going to move out of his parents' house and leave the city life for a small town life. He gets a job and everything is great. Well, not everything. Every day and every night, Eren has visions and dreams about a life he doesn't know about. One day he decided to go to the nearby coffee shop, where he sees someone that he thinks he knows. 

Levi works at a cafe, everyday a customer/acquaintence, Petra, visits every morning to talk to him. Then a certain green-eyed boy catches his attention, reminding him of his nightmares and flashbacks of a past life he doesn't know about.

This is a roleplay I did with a friend, KrisWhispers (Tumblr), so it's not exactly a story, but it's good enough, I guess. 

KrisWhispers and I do not own the Attack on Titan charcters used in this story, we just roleplay as them.

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Ahsatan666 Ahsatan666 Jun 26
I love song it is one of my favourites from the AOT sound track along with So is est immer. They are both good songs but sad as well.
Chuck_A_Cupcake Chuck_A_Cupcake May 16, 2017
Yes thank you author chan I like it when Levi and Petra are FRIENDS
Why is it in every fanfic Petra is mean and going after levi
pandasfandoms pandasfandoms May 19, 2016
Me while reading this: At least he's legal this time *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*
flour_of_noootland flour_of_noootland Apr 20, 2016
I read there pasts along to the lyrics of glee it kind of fit 
                              DAMN IT I HAVE GLEE STUCK IN MY HEAD
HolyLeviBooty HolyLeviBooty Jan 09, 2016
*hits Petra in the knee with a crowbar* GET CROWBARRED, BITCH