My mate's an Alpha?

My mate's an Alpha?

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Kels :D ! By k_ru123 Updated Oct 13, 2015

"You're mine and only mine!" He growled pinning me against the lockers.  

"You don't control me." I said breathlessly 

He then began to nip and suck at my neck searching for my weak spot. "I wouldn't test your mate, princess. Especially an alpha." He said his eyes getting darker. 

My knees became jelly at his touch and my wolf howled in delight. Before I could protest his lips crashed against mine leaving a fiery sensation throughout my body. 

Rylee newton is the daughter to alpha David and his pack the fullmoon are the second strongest in the country. She's also your average high school senior she wolf. She loves to party, procrastinates with pretty much everything, and her iPhone is technically her life. 

Except there's one little thing, she doesn't want a mate. Especially a possessive alpha mate. Little does she know the first day of her senior year she gets a surprise. Her mate, and he's none other than the school player Tristan Wilde.

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trina016 trina016 Apr 01
Heels? Girl shove those heels down your throat and grab some converse
Stargaza Stargaza Mar 31
I love how everyone wears girly clothes and im here practically engaged to my trainers
EvelienXoXo EvelienXoXo Sep 26
Yea i wouldn't mind either if it was with Chase Crawford♥️😋
Just because you're a virgin doesn't mean you can't suck d*ck..
LyssaLoo521 LyssaLoo521 Jan 18
How? You're wearing six inch heels. I can't even sprint in flats because I'm so uncoordinated...
Invisible-2002 Invisible-2002 Oct 29, 2016
Hahaha! This was so so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂