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The preacher's son ~boyxboy~

The preacher's son ~boyxboy~

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got cake? By writing_is_a_dream Completed

Good boy-bad boy. It happens right? Preachers boy..falling for a criminal in disguise. That's something you don't hear everyday.

   *Does contain boyxboy material. BUT over all, it's super cheesy and romantic. So grab some popcorn, tissues, and laughs relax.

My 8th grade teacher made us read the bible and that was at a public school
- - Feb 03
Are the bad words: CRAP or GOLLY GEE!!!!Ohhhh!!! Your a gangster in disguise!
He's adorable, I've heard a song that's called Son of a preacher man so that's why I'm here
On the recommendation thing next to this I saw Andy Biersack and I almost threw my phone from fangirling
When it said youth I started singing Troye Sivan. I don't know any church songs. I need Jesus guys. I do find religion interesting it's just not my cup of tea
May_Ray14 May_Ray14 Jan 07
My brain won't let me read the word daddy without making it inappropriate anymore