Double Trouble

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girlie1219 By girlie1219 Updated 2 years ago
Everyone knows identical twin werewolves are rare; identical twin alphas and identical twin betas within the same pack is an anomaly. Each set of twins share everything. They even shared the girls they date. 
    Paige’s secret is the whole reason why she is in a hot mess.  Having two different people claim a girl as a mate can get complicated. What happens when Paige must navigate the twisted intricacies of being between two sets of identical twins brothers to find her true mate?
This seems weird, the boys seem gay. No offense to them or gay people...
Also, 'OMG' shouldn't really be used in a story. 
                                    And wow, a size 34C, tall, and a Size 6 with flawless skin, fully kissable lips and sexy sliver blue eyes and yet she's [or she was?] fat and ugly?
                                    I don't mean to sound rude, but it's just . . . what's the word? Unbelieveable?
                                    reading on.
@IsaSecret I have to agree.
                                    I mean, I'm like 5'1 or 5'2 and I'm Size 5/6.
                                    Now I feel super fat, but oh well.
I think the math needs to be checked agian for the total on the two cards. I got something like 11,000+ and not 13,00 . In case no one said anything about it yet.
I'm sorry but since when does wearing a size 6 qualify you for being fat.
Hey I m Italian and is " Bella compagna" lol ;) I like your book anyway :)