It Hurts Me, To Love You ~ A Riker Lynch Fanfic

It Hurts Me, To Love You ~ A Riker Lynch Fanfic

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Charlie Lynch By Boydie37 Updated May 17, 2015

Ellie and Riker have been inseparable since they met 18 years ago.

They became bestfriends and told eachother everything.

Riker knew that Ellie suffered with depression, he was experienced in this situation because he had suffered with depression himself. 

Ellie had stopped him from taking his life,but he never realised that while she was helping him feel better about his life,as well as himself, Ellie had started doubting everything and herself.

Riker made it his mission to be Ellie's guardian angel,she had saved him,so now he needs to save her.

They discover that Ellie's cuts had been transferred onto Riker's skin,each and every one.

Ellie wasn't just hurting herself,she was hurting her bestfriend as well.

One day,every thing goes wrong.

Ellie is determined to take her life.

Will her guardian angel (Riker) get there in time before she makes the mistake of ending the life,she can never get back?

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paige__smith_ paige__smith_ Oct 31, 2014
I loved it! Made me think about something, life is worth living for. When opportunity opens a door walk in! It also made me think back to when my nana was telling me that it's not worth cutting yourself or committing suicide if it's not that bad.
paige__smith_ paige__smith_ Oct 31, 2014
Have a feeling this is gonna be another awesome fanfic of yours!