Flower Bouquet || h.s

Flower Bouquet || h.s

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"Harry, I'm going to catch that damn bouquet." The curls in his hair bounced as he turned my way. A dimple formed on his cheek while he smirked. That slight, mischievous twinkle shined through in his green eyes. "I'm going to catch that bouquet and I'm going to marry the man of my dreams." He chuckled.

"You might need a boyfriend first love." Just hearing him say boyfriend made my stomach do flip flops and the beat of my heart become irregular.

"Oh I'll get a boyfriend. I just gotta catch that bouquet. Watch me Styles." 

I caught the bouquet, but when I turned around to look for Harry at the table I found his arm slung around his girlfriend and their lips attached in feverish passion. All of my excitement faded away.


She was hopelessly in love with her best friend who just so happened to have the sweetest girlfriend.

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I tried to talking to this lonely boy in first grade once and he ran away from me and ever since that day we would chase eachother for 3 years straight
Yamerrrs Yamerrrs Dec 17, 2017
i remembered that one time he got grounded because of "pussies"
Tomlinsbear Tomlinsbear Dec 17, 2017
I have a feeling this book is gonna be the best I've ever read
Kat_Lefevre Kat_Lefevre Jan 30, 2015
This is too cute. I love the idea, Cover and zoey deutch.
                              Keep it up and who sold the idea to you? If I may ask.
cewbear cewbear Oct 07, 2014
Okay this already way to good I can't even I'm to excited to go any further haha
Sparrowhead Sparrowhead Aug 23, 2014
Aww, it's cute. I like their playful relationship and how you've developed her character so far. It's sad at the same time. Poor Adelaide. :(