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True Mates - Jasper/Bella [Completed]

True Mates - Jasper/Bella [Completed]

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Erica Louise By EricaLouise21 Completed

Stephenie Meyer owns all the characters, except for the ones I make up.
The plot is mine.

The Cullen's go for a two week hunting trip and leave Jasper to Bella-sit. Secrets come out, Jasper reveals the real reason he is with the Cullen's, Bella lets secrets out of her own...

Grandkids03 Grandkids03 Jun 24
He's always been controlling even in the books and movies i never understood how she could stand him. He annoyed the piss out of me, i would've left after the​ first few weeks.
I have a solution to your problems..  Ice Da bitches. You know,  Gank the bitch,  take èm  out.  Get it now?
gcgonzalez gcgonzalez Nov 12, 2016
Me: I'm going to go and--
                              Jen: Calm down.
                              Wes: I agree.
                              Sherlock: I bring tea and good news.
Poor Charlie (so the actor Billy Burke who plays hi me is one of my favorite actors.)
fairlyspacieboy fairlyspacieboy Jul 09, 2015
Bella-sitting: when your vampire boyfriend needs another vampire to babysit yoi
Evlisha Evlisha Aug 19, 2014
I love this story but there is a story in my library almost the very same as this