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Goode high reads The Battle of The Labyrinth

Goode high reads The Battle of The Labyrinth

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DAUGHTER OF HADES By falala333 Updated Mar 08, 2016

The seven thought it was over... life would go back to normal, or as normal as it could be for a demigod. The war was over and there was peace between both camps. But before Gaea went back to 'sleep' she pulled one last trick. The mist faded. How, even Hecate who's in charge of the mist can't figure out. And the worst part, Gaea had control of it long enough for people to see way more than they should have.

As much as the gods don't want to come face to face with any mortal the Fates have sent them to Goode High to reveal themselves. They also may or may not have to get Goode High to read about a certain someone and just one of his battles/adventure's.

I decided that I should have them read The Battle of The Labyrinth instead of the other books cause there are way too many of them and since Percy meets someone that is sure to get Leo and Annabeth jealous.

                              Perce get back on topic
                              you were talking about how your friends tried to murder you
                              Like Octavian murdered Perry
thebookthief-snail thebookthief-snail Aug 26, 2016
Wow for some reason my friends never call me by my name either that say Isa or that say isa🐌 
                              We still haven't figured out where the snail came from ? 😂
Intellectual-Punk Intellectual-Punk Apr 24, 2016
In my group of friends we have two Alyssa's and two Caitlyn's but one spells it with a 'K' instead of a 'C'. So we just call them all by their last names.
RebuildingThe4thWall RebuildingThe4thWall Sep 24, 2016
In our group we have 2 twins who could be all 4 born on the same date and the same parents in case of different parents and a different date and they have the same names what is kinda annoying
HermioneThaliaEmma HermioneThaliaEmma Jun 10, 2016
He gets it from his Mama, "he was lost at sea" -TLT need I say more
RedRobyn2 RedRobyn2 May 04, 2015
It's not weird for me either, in my group of friends we have two people called Amy.