A Different Set of Rules (BoyxBoy)

A Different Set of Rules (BoyxBoy)

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Chioma By chiefchii Updated Apr 12, 2015

Payton Lorry is your typical eighteen year old kid. He has a sarcastic/asshole personality, is clueless to most things happening around him, is serving a life sentence without parole for robbery and murder, and to top it off, he's gay. Yup, your typical kid. 

Michael Valse is a professional criminal.With crimes ranging from drug distribution all the way to attempted murder, Valse has spent most of his life in prison, climbing to the top of the food chain. No one moved without consulting him, it was his prison. Inmates followed his rules.

Alexander Lavigne has been working as warden at Raritan Men's Correctional Facility for seven years since his father passed away. At the age of thirty two, he is the youngest warden the prison has ever had, though has managed to gain the respect of inmates....most inmates. Aside from a few who refuse to assimilate, he ran a tight shift. 

When the paths cross a bond made in hell soon begins to form. Michael is determined to make money off Payton's ass, weather the boy agreed or not. Payton is determined to use any means necessary, legal or not, keep himself safe and get what he wants. Alexander is determined to keep hold on his inmates and show them they are in his house and he runs things. With three conflicting interests, one prison, and one cell, inmates will learn who really runs things and who's rules to follow. 

1) Contains Rated R Content 
2) Strong Homosexual Themes
3) Drug and Gang References

Why must he be so ugly? Just my opinion, don't get T R I G G E R E D
Hahaha love his sassiness and attitude~ 😂😂😉😏😏
ShaWilson ShaWilson Oct 04, 2015
See another chick in your arms...  I'm sorry some of these words reminds me of songs XD
ShaWilson ShaWilson Oct 04, 2015
Without you my friend.....And I will tell you all about it when I see you again......