Piece of Love

Piece of Love

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"I got love for her, there's a difference."

Nya and Shaun have been best friends since she was 15 and he was 19. Having both lost a parent at the exact same time brought them together.

Which later in life slowly turned into something more than friends, but they both denied it.

Now 18 Nya was ready to become more, but Shaun wasn't...

aishaadabrat aishaadabrat 4 days ago
but y'all "bestfriends" 👀 if that's the case i need me one
Time for me to go home . You don't play with my lipgloss ...
LulNayy LulNayy Jul 03
Who Else Came From The Mine Series 😂 ?? First Time Reader !!!
muvabugg muvabugg Jun 26
But nigga this not Rihanna and Chris can't be throwing shít out the window
He Took It Too Far. Then Lip Gloss Expensive As Shiit🤦🏽‍♀️
LulNayy LulNayy Jul 03
Would've Busted His Ass Right There In That Front Seat Don't Touch The Lip Gloss Nigga 😂👐 .