My Best Friend's Father  (Editing)

My Best Friend's Father (Editing)

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Shelley By ShelleyratedxMJ Completed

After her first year of college, Tessa tells her best friend Kelly that she wants to find a summer job to earn extra money. Kelly suggests that she should take the babysitting job her parents are advertising for. In the beginning its strictly business, but once Tessa and the man she has known since she was a  little girl are left alone, passion  and an undeniable lust will be impossible  for them to remain on a strictly business relationship.

My name is finally in a book. LOL. Too bad its not me that's married to a hunk.
When you're the 1000th person to vote for a story and you dk wtf you so happy
Urban_minds Urban_minds Dec 11, 2015
People saying slut shaming isn't OK. It not the our fault that girls walls are disappearing. Why can't we point it out? Maybe it would save someone from getting a STD
Kmalik98 Kmalik98 Sep 14, 2015
Hey your going to have a stick up your asß the whole time don't read the book because this book don't deserve your negative annoyance
micahrandle micahrandle Aug 23, 2015
Guys its a umm.. How do i say this, book!? {sarcasm} and she's known the dad her whole life. I dont know I'm just gonna slip y'all a free pass to the chill zone :)
bugkatey bugkatey Jul 19, 2015
eating that right now lol (⌒▽⌒)ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ