MIK Fan Fiction

MIK Fan Fiction

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Sexual Deviants By AmisArousedArmy Updated Feb 20

Stories written by fans of Make It Known by @AmiTheDarkLady
These stories are based on the wonderful world of MIK, but please remember that they are NOT part of the official storyline. They're just fun extras 😜
If you haven't read MIK... Well... I don't even know why you're here... Go do that!

Okay, we know you're just here for the threesomes... Go on then... 

WARNING: THIS STORY IS DELICIOUSLY INAPPROPRIATE! Don't blame us if you end up scarred for life, or horny with no one to help you out (in the case of the latter, give Dylan a ring and ask him what he plans to get you for Christmas)

#blami #threesome #gay4gavin

Thank you to Tiffany (@brkfst_at_tiffanys) for the wonderful cover art ❤️

Thank you to Rachel (@tipprs) for being our gif queen! ❤️