The Land Of Ooo [A Shitty AT Fan fiction]

The Land Of Ooo [A Shitty AT Fan fiction]

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       "Welcome to the annual ball here at the Candy Kingdom! Thank you for being here with us!" You heard a familiar voice over the intercom. "We will now commence the game of Truth or Dare!" She said. Ugh. Princess Bubblegum. You didn't like her. Not just because pink was your least favorite color. That was the little thing. It was mostly because of jealousy and anger. Finn had liked her, and she was too dense to find that out. You were angry at her for that. And you were jealous of her because Finn liked her. And you hated setting Finn sad or depressed.

Why had you come here again? Oh, right, you came here because Finn invited you. And who could refuse that face?

Oh, wait. Truth or Dare. This was going to be a pain.

You were about to walk out because you were bored when Finn grabbed your shoulder. Glob. You turned around at Finn, who had a concerned face. What's wrong, [y/n]?" You force a smile onto your face. "Nothing." You say. Finn smiled back. "Well then, come on, [y/n].


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MelodicMoon MelodicMoon May 25
I may not like PB that much but my fave colors are pastel colors like pastel blue and pastel pink etc.
I just got up from my chair and I stubbed my toe and  bumped into a lamp
- - Mar 17
I hate pink but I love pastel pink. My fave colors are blue and green. You guessed it I'm a Poseidon kid.
-yoonsanha -yoonsanha Feb 20
I never do the dares my friends say to do. You know why? 
                              It's because I don't have friends ._.
I'm a tomboy so I HATE PINK I only like PB 5/10 because she can get annoying to annoying for my liking and the other half is just when she doesn't open her mouth
suzyandlucas suzyandlucas Dec 15, 2016
i hate pink but pb is cool i just dont like the colour not the person