For a Child

For a Child

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Olivia Potter By Mae_the_force Completed

I skipped down the halls, my laughter echoing behind me. I had always loved going to work with my father, for then I could see the golden palace up close. The high ceilings and intricate carvings were endures amounts of entertainment, and if I was lucky, I would get to see Queen Frigga.

I had meet her once or twice before, and she always remembered my name when we passed in the halls. She would greet me with a smile and a wave, and I would curtsey to her and use my very proper voice to give her the greeting for standard royalty. Then the Queen would laugh and ruffle my hair. I liked her.

Queen Frigga was much nicer than King Odin, though I would never admit to thinking such thoughts. The King didn't bother to ruffle my hair or greet me, none the less acknowledge me at all. I was the only child that walked around the palace 5 days a, week, bored out of my skull. I think I was the only child allowed in the castle, as Price Thor and Prince Loki were both all grown up.

The halls were pa...

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