For a Child

For a Child

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Olivia Potter By Mae_the_force Completed

I skipped down the halls, my laughter echoing behind me. I had always loved going to work with my father, for then I could see the golden palace up close. The high ceilings and intricate carvings were endures amounts of entertainment, and if I was lucky, I would get to see Queen Frigga.

I had meet her once or twice before, and she always remembered my name when we passed in the halls. She would greet me with a smile and a wave, and I would curtsey to her and use my very proper voice to give her the greeting for standard royalty. Then the Queen would laugh and ruffle my hair. I liked her.

Queen Frigga was much nicer than King Odin, though I would never admit to thinking such thoughts. The King didn't bother to ruffle my hair or greet me, none the less acknowledge me at all. I was the only child that walked around the palace 5 days a, week, bored out of my skull. I think I was the only child allowed in the castle, as Price Thor and Prince Loki were both all grown up.

The halls were pa...

cutewolfe24920 cutewolfe24920 Aug 31, 2016
HOW OLD is she cuz if he's a grown man and she is just a child that's just weird
zxXKitKatXxz zxXKitKatXxz Apr 07, 2016
This is already really cute and good, I love the story, but just a suggestion. Always read back over a couple times before you post, I did find a couple of errors, but it was really good.
Sasaki_Rin Sasaki_Rin Feb 01, 2016
Anyone else realise he's guilty cuz he let the frosty snowmen in?
soulesswriter soulesswriter Oct 27, 2015
Mae_the_force Mae_the_force Aug 13, 2014
@greekgeek4u awww... Thanks! You just made my day! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!