Moonlit Dinner

Moonlit Dinner

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lumierutsuki By lumierutsuki Updated Apr 20, 2018

#1 Paranormal/Supernatural Mystic Awards 2017

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    "You seem to enjoy coming here at your own will and peril."
     "Leon, please this isn't the time for your jokes and insults." She cried in pain and fell onto the ground.
     "What predicament have you got yourself into now?" His low voice penetrated her ears as it filled the room with its soft tone.
    From the moment she had awoke on that night; something happened, something changed and most importantly, her life was not the same as before. Her loved ones that were so dear to her were nowhere to be seen- she was alone and lost.
       Where could they have all gone?
      Why was she still alive?
       Her most humble request is for you to not show pity, but instead lend an ear for this travesty to be heard.
       There will be many challenges needed to be overcome; hearts will be broken, tears will be spilled and most importantly, the truth will be revealed. If you are brave enough to walk through this journey with her, then I welcome you to her world.
    Witness the gothic horror that has ensnared Serenity's every being.
    (Disclaimer: If you are reading this on a site other than Wattpad, you risk your computer of malware or virus. I am aware that one of my stories is on the website truyenfun, wattpad is trying to help those that have had their stories copied on to the website.) 
    --© 2010, lumierutsuki;
    cover by me, but the art is by

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