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End me By _Tsundere_ Updated Jul 25, 2017

Gotta love these Volleyball homos, I just gotta write about them. GAH! Tsukishima, why you so trashy?!

  • daichi
  • haikyuu
  • hinata
  • kageyama
  • kei
  • kenma
  • koushi
  • kozume
  • kuro
  • oikawa
  • sawamura
  • shoyou
  • sugawara
  • tadashi
  • tetsurou
  • tobio
  • tooru
  • tsukishima
  • yamaguchi
_rindesuuu_ _rindesuuu_ Sep 08, 2017
Could you please write a kenma fanfic? An angst one lol 😂
vvip4life vvip4life Jan 10, 2017
Could please you write a Ushijima fic? ~*^*~
                              Or a Semi Eita fic??
vvip4life vvip4life Jan 10, 2017
How to kiss boy:
                              1: Do not move and extend limb to caress his face
                              2: stretch your lips from that position without moving to his ear 
                              3: NOOT NOOT
Ayako_Hayashi Ayako_Hayashi Jan 11, 2017
Nope, I think I'll need a little more proof *nudge nudge* *wink wink*
NiNjaElf NiNjaElf Dec 27, 2015
Why are you play Tsukki?? He didn't have a say on whether she would confess to him.. 
                              Ugh, I hate people like that.. ( ̄+ー ̄)
kagamilame kagamilame Feb 24, 2015
I have no idea how to request so sorry but I'm just going to do it here >< could you write a yandere!tsukishima kei one? thanks!!