From 'Dame-Tsuna' to not 'dame-Tsuna' anymore?! (DISCONTINUED)

From 'Dame-Tsuna' to not 'dame-Tsuna' anymore?! (DISCONTINUED)

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Tenshi~! By Seen-Zoned Updated Aug 20, 2015

Tsuna as we all know is known "Dame-Tsuna". Dame-Tsuna wasn't good at sports, studies, making friends, he was just bad at everything he does!  This dame life kept going on for 12 years (And we all know Reborn hasnt came yet in this age). Until one day his mother started being mean to him too! (Yes, I made Nana bad ˙∆˙) Will Tsuna stay strong till a baby named "Reborn" Come? Or will he give up and turn into someone completely different from him?

[EDIT: Okay. I Discontinued this story, but I will not delete it. I will make a new book for it, with a new title and description. So please, get read for it, readers who liked this book. Title for new book: Beyond the Soul. Enjoy!]

P.S. New readers, please don't read this and just read the new one. Please.

Okay... I admit Nana is indeed beautiful but she's mean!!! Open your eyes Iemitsu!!! (Funny how I'm mad at Iemitsu and loving Nana in another ff and the opposite here xD)
Linia_N Linia_N Aug 03
You shoul be at lest a little consern about your son bastard
Tynie23 Tynie23 Sep 07
i like how you create the character (Tsuna) more than the original with the details in it....Good job 👍👍👍
Please don't ship no offense to those who do but please dont
I can't hate on Nana she's just so kind and cheerful in the anime...
Their role was reverse, though Iemitsu loves Tsuna, but Tsuna hates him so much in canon.