Memory ( An OHSHC FanFic )

Memory ( An OHSHC FanFic )

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(An OHSHC FanFic)

"''▪.,;:" "''▪.,;:" "''▪.,;:" "''▪.,;:" "''▪.,;:"

Time ticks by fast, and once it passed by you cannot ever return it.

Therefore, you must treasure every moment. Whether it be funny ones or painful ones...

You must cherish it deep into your hearts

before it turns to only a


"''▪.,;:" "''▪.,;:" "''▪.,;:" "''▪.,;:" "''▪.,;:"

Disclaimer: I dont own OHSHC they belong to their rightful owner Bisco Hatori, only future OC's and some twists are mine

(c) credits goes to rightful owners

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Lol! Jem-> gem= emerald
                              Sato SA-kamo-TO  lol this fake name though... XD
Sebastian, what are you doing here? WRONG ANIME SEBBY-CHAN!!!!!
VayleeClydeBrown VayleeClydeBrown Jun 13, 2016
Sebastian: Im not rich, Im not poor, im porich *Que MLG glasses on*
LilyNekoMichaelis LilyNekoMichaelis Jul 04, 2016
By that you mean that it looks black but when you shine a light or in the sun it is brown
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                                      Such amazing comments
sebby666 sebby666 Jan 04
Well, I may appear young but I am truly older than I care to share.