Karma's A Bitch [✔]

Karma's A Bitch [✔]

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Now everyone knows the popular saying Karma's a bitch right? Well in this case it's not that true, except when she sets her mind into the depths of revenge, and you're on the other end of her plans. 

Karma Hartsworth is the type of girl that was easily preyed upon. Until the day she chose to run. Her pack beat, raped, and bullied her to no extent, and she was fed up, she'd rather die as a bad-ass rogue that was trespassing then by being beaten for being weak. 

Now after years of being gone she's returned, but only because her old pack needs assistance from her new one, and as if seeing her old mate wasn't bad enough, her boyfriend is dying and there is nothing she can do, and she's her pack's new Alpha, though no one outside of her pack believes she can handle the 'difficult' task. 

Well now she's stuck living under the same roof as her mate, with him struggling to convince her to come back to him, and her fighting off the same hunters and rogues that killed her parents, Karma has finally snapped, and everyone's noticed. So I guess you could say, Karma is back, and bitchier then ever.

A/N I know this is extremely cliche and bad, but really I just wanted to see if I was just not out there enough to get many reads or if my writing sucked. Apparently it's my writing, and not my invisible-ness. Well, I am going to leave this up here, so anyone who likes extremely cliche and unoriginal books, enjoy?

smiling_teeth smiling_teeth May 03, 2016
This girl is so waste. Kmt you don't have anything better to do you could've change at your yard. Laad man extra people
smiling_teeth smiling_teeth May 03, 2016
The fact that you said your gonna show them how kickass you are it means you aren't kick ass. Kickass people don't need to say  nth the just kick asses
peachykeenDiana peachykeenDiana Aug 07, 2013
Just started this book and I like it so far.
                              Poor Blake.  Oli Sykes :0
Dudeimmawaffle Dudeimmawaffle Oct 18, 2012
@MisstressPhantomhive I am trying, it is just I lost the file holding the newest update, and I am frustrated because I forget it but don't want to change what I had, so I have been fighting my memory to remember as much as I can, sorry if it takes awhile...
Faithie_Cupcake Faithie_Cupcake Oct 14, 2012
I love it! It was a bit scary, at the same time, I was also listening to Fallen Angels :) x