The Taming

The Taming

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                                                                      The Taming [Book 1]                               

      "I've been more than fair with you, Cassandra. I've given you time and more than enough space..." he paused, releasing a large breath, his heat radiating over my lust filled body. My body was ready and willing to do anything for him, even if my mind wasn't. I couldn't wrap my finger around why I felt this way. I've tried to so hard to hate him. A vicious growl knocked me out of my thoughts. "You want something to hate, darling?" His words slithered out of his very much inviting lips like venom. "I'll give you something." I couldn't put together what he meant until I was being yanked forward, forcefully, and thrown to the ground in a heap. When I looked up at my mate, one side of his mouth quirked up, and he was unbuckling his belt.   

 Cassandra Erikson watched helpless as both of her sisters were lost to her by the Gathering.  One sister ran away from it, the other is currently suffering from its outcome. Cassandra is now of age to participate in the Gathering, the annual event in which ten villages come together, having all of the he-wolves and she-wolves who are of age to be sent off into the woods, in hopes of claiming a mate.  Cassandra has already found her mate, Gabriel, and she loves him. But wolves can't mate until they are of age, so Cassandra and the love of her life devise a plan to meet up in a secret part of the woods where Gabriel will claim her. She thinks they have it all figured out, for Cassandra refuses to face the fate her sisters had to bear. But, what happens when another male wolf scents Cassandra out in the woods during The Gathering? What happens when he claims her instead of Gabriel? *

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pennycas pennycas Jun 21, 2014
I really hope that he doesn't rape her!! ...........but on another note I love that her name is Cassandra!!!!!!!!!! (my name)
Emmalee_Adams99 Emmalee_Adams99 Jun 15, 2014
I've been wondering about this. I hope he doesn't forcibly take her, despite what this looks like.
ShadeBladez ShadeBladez Jun 14, 2014
@penutbutterandgilly Why did you spoil it? Is the author okay with that!?
penutbutterandgilly penutbutterandgilly Jun 14, 2014
                              DO NOT READ AHEAD UNLESS U WANT A SPOILER!!!
                              SHE DOES NOT END UP WITH GABE.
StubbornMaddy StubbornMaddy Jun 12, 2014
In the title it says [Book 1], does tht mean there's going to be a 2nd one?
OneWayStreet_485 OneWayStreet_485 Apr 03, 2014
I hope your updating soon your writing is absolutely amazing! Don't give up because of lack of immaturity in some people.