Niall Horan Imagines

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iwillwriteforyou By iwillwriteforyou Updated 10 hours ago
The title pretty much explains it all. So, here are some Niall imagines! Enjoy!
*Casually starts singing best friends brother from victorious*
Oh and if it helps my selfie is my profile picture. I have brownish blue eyes and brown hair and braces thanks
Hi, um my name is Natalie so could maybe make one for me. I really really like your imagines. Could it be cute and funny. Peas and carrots. =)
can I have one? My name is Ellie and can my imagine be I cheat on him with another band member when I'm drunk or something?
Make me one my name is Real name is Elizabeth but I go by Nicole my middle name now I have brown hair and blue eyes
can you make me one my name is Cheyenne I have brown hair and hazel eyes