In Enemy Arms (#7)

In Enemy Arms (#7)

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Misty Moncur By MistyMoncur Completed

Watching Sarai leave the village in tears was hard enough for Darius, but now everyone thinks it's his fault. Stung by embarrassment and tired of disapproving village women and their wary daughters, Dare joins a group of spies loyal to the Chief Judges. But his new work takes him to dark places he wishes he'd never seen, and lately, he's not so sure he isn't turning into the person he's been pretending to be. 

When Ava followed her brother out of their tiny Lamanite village, she didn't know he wasn't planning to return. Stranded in the northern lands, she can't go home, and she won't make a life for herself among the enemies she hates. Lost in the strange culture and foreign words, Ava's looking at a lonely future-when she isn't stealing glances at Darius, the only Nephite who isn't uglier than a mangy dog. 

But Dare disappears a lot. He has secrets, dark ones she can see in his eyes. His family wants to know where he goes. 

And they want Ava to find out.

  • adventure
  • historical
  • religious
  • romance
  • sweet
  • teen
  • war
MistyMoncur MistyMoncur Oct 19, 2012
@TheIcingOnTheCake Have you read #s 1-4? I'm getting ready to post #8. I have an idea for a #9, but then I think, "Misty, enough is enough! Friends should have stopped at season 8 and so should you!" And then I tell myself not to talk to myself.
- - Oct 09, 2012
Hey! I just realized this was dedicated to me. I don't know what I did to deserve it, but thank you so much :D
danashx danashx Oct 02, 2012
Confusing at first but got it eventually :) though nothing much happens ...
TheQueenofDarkness TheQueenofDarkness Sep 28, 2012
@MistyMoncur oh am sorry It was my first book of urs so I got a little confused, u should add the #7 in the title so ppl won't get confused! 
                              your welcome.
GageLeBlanc2 GageLeBlanc2 Sep 27, 2012
Love this ! Never read a historical fiction book on this website but yours is really really good :D
TheQueenofDarkness TheQueenofDarkness Sep 27, 2012
I don't understand who is who or what is what u need to explain them