Behind Closed Doors || A Destiel AU

Behind Closed Doors || A Destiel AU

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InterruptingMoose By InterruptingMoose Updated Jun 17, 2016

I've never written anything like this, so please see warnings inside.

The Novak family were a wealthy and well-loved family. Mr and Mrs Novak have four children, Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel and Anna. But, unbeknownst to the children, Mr and Mrs Novak have a very, very dark secret. 

And sometimes, the Novak children could swear that they could hear noises coming from the basement. 

But, when Gabriel invites his new friends over, Dean takes a wrong turn in the house and ends up in the basement, where he finds a locked door. 

Behind that door, lies a dark secret that has been kept hidden for sixteen years. 

But there is a question that people have long since forgotten; What ever happened to little Castiel Novak?

i forgot I was reading spn and thought "why would john watson work in the military?"
joshxpun joshxpun Jul 17
This reminds me of that episode with that psychic named Magda
is this one finished...? i need to know before reading the story
LafaYEET LafaYEET Jun 29
okay Dean honey, right down the hall doesn't mean down stairs, in to a room that leads in to a hallway that leads to another room
does no one ever decide to question the fact that in fics naming your child after satan is normal here
Cas trapped in the basement for 18 years?!! Oh this is going to hurt