Behind Closed Doors || A Destiel AU

Behind Closed Doors || A Destiel AU

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InterruptingMoose By InterruptingMoose Updated Jun 17, 2016

I've never written anything like this, so please see warnings inside.

The Novak family were a wealthy and well-loved family. Mr and Mrs Novak have four children, Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel and Anna. But, unbeknownst to the children, Mr and Mrs Novak have a very, very dark secret. 

And sometimes, the Novak children could swear that they could hear noises coming from the basement. 

But, when Gabriel invites his new friends over, Dean takes a wrong turn in the house and ends up in the basement, where he finds a locked door. 

Behind that door, lies a dark secret that has been kept hidden for sixteen years. 

But there is a question that people have long since forgotten; What ever happened to little Castiel Novak?

Someone: "hey Ej."
                              Me: "OH MY GAWD YOU AFE SO FRACKIN ANNOYING"
                              Them: "... Sorry???"
                              Me: "UUUGHH"
Castiels_Assbutt_ Castiels_Assbutt_ Dec 08, 2016
Ok. Ok. This fanfic, I'm NOT gonna cry...
                              *dean gives his meaningful amulet from baby Sam to a sad and broken Cas*
mooseisloose mooseisloose Oct 19, 2016
hello, is there anybody in there? just nod if you can hear me. is there anyone home?
mooseisloose mooseisloose Oct 19, 2016
w-wHY WOULD YOU DO THIS YOU SICK FÚCKS (talking to the parents)
TheToastiestToast TheToastiestToast Dec 02, 2016
"Oh, nothing, just found an abused teenager in the basement, typical Monday!"
HersheyBar_15 HersheyBar_15 Oct 16, 2016
What should you do???
                              KISS him, Dean. He needs some Winchester love 🌈