Behind Closed Doors || A Destiel AU

Behind Closed Doors || A Destiel AU

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InterruptingMoose By InterruptingMoose Updated Jun 17, 2016

I've never written anything like this, so please see warnings inside.

The Novak family were a wealthy and well-loved family. Mr and Mrs Novak have four children, Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel and Anna. But, unbeknownst to the children, Mr and Mrs Novak have a very, very dark secret. 

And sometimes, the Novak children could swear that they could hear noises coming from the basement. 

But, when Gabriel invites his new friends over, Dean takes a wrong turn in the house and ends up in the basement, where he finds a locked door. 

Behind that door, lies a dark secret that has been kept hidden for sixteen years. 

But there is a question that people have long since forgotten; What ever happened to little Castiel Novak?

  • abuse
  • angst
  • anna
  • balthazar
  • bobby
  • cas
  • castiel
  • casxdean
  • crowley
  • dean
  • destiel
  • ellen
  • gabriel
  • imprisonment
  • john
  • lucifer
  • mary
  • michael
  • mutism
  • sam
ireneackles ireneackles Oct 29, 2017
That's going to be the first scary destiel story I'll ever read and its AWESOME
I don't like Dabriel, but I always thought they would be good friends, along with Sam and Cas.
samshinee samshinee Jul 13, 2017
I just realized that if there's no window in that basement room or if he hasn't seen sunlight in years he should be dead by the lack of vitamin D right?
firegirl2305 firegirl2305 2 days ago
Didn’t thought about it befor and it still isn’t really my thing. I wrote a fan fiction where Balthazar is in a realtionship with Atropos and now just can‘t really imagin him with someone else. 😆
That one episode where the girls parents thought she was the devil?! This is prob like it?!
ReadingYoBooks ReadingYoBooks Jul 06, 2017
"aw yisss strange mute boy in my friend's basement who doesn't know how to read or write TIME TO BREAK HIM OUT OF HERE"