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Fragile Mind { Alois x Reader x Ciel }

Fragile Mind { Alois x Reader x Ciel }

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taehyungie By nowherelad Updated Jul 29, 2016

Ciel had the feeling of emptiness for years. Constantly believing he had no point in living his life. What was there to live for? Love didn't exist to him, he thought it was awful. It ruined people even more, but what if he did happen to fall in love? He wouldn't believe he did. Until it comes to the point where he's torn himself apart and put people before himself. Where he cares about the thoughts of other instead of his own. Beginning to crave company rather than loneliness.  Alois, not much like Ciel. Other than the pain they've constantly dealt with. Alois believed in love, he always would hold tightly on to people. He cared to much until he was broken in many ways more than once. It was from love of course. But he wouldn't give up on it. He felt that to be happy meant to be in love and that's all he wanted. To be loved by somebody he loved.

im sorry but everytime i hear the name 'Luca/Luka' i yelled at my brother cuz thats his name
I'm crying bluebells are my favorite and you also chose Alois' song .did I mention I'm crying
Yuiveirna Yuiveirna Jun 19
When guys see a girl they like: Damn I'm gonna get her. 
                              When Ciel sees a girl he likes: Sebastian get her.
JStarZ04 JStarZ04 May 23
Me: Yeah dear god, it reminds me of a certain female blonde *shivers*
                              Mey Rin: *takes of glasses and her voice deep* Yo.
                              Me: omg.
Magical-Liz Magical-Liz Jun 10
*5 other servants. There's Bard, Mey-Rin, Finny❤️, Tanaka and Snaakkkke💓
Yuiveirna Yuiveirna Jun 19
That song always makes me kinda makes me feel sad for Aloise...