Root of All Evil (Book One In The ROAE Trilogy)

Root of All Evil (Book One In The ROAE Trilogy)

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Tyree By Mr__Writer Completed

After his mother's accident, Aaron Nelson is sent away to live with his father in Miami, whom he hadn't seen in over a year. To Aaron's disapproval, his father has created a whole family without Aaron even in the picture. But after spending just a few days at his new home he notices something isn't right.

A short while into his move-in, events unfold and peoples' loyalties are in question as Aaron's life suddenly takes a turn for the worse. With his moody stepbrother Allen and newfound friend Vanessa alongside, they try to figure out why there are people who are after Aaron. Pretty soon lives are on the line as Aaron makes it his mission to uncover the truth about his mother's death, and to save another life from the same fate.

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openfin3 openfin3 Mar 05
This probably sounds really insensitive and I feel bad for Aaron, but that funeral was planned really fast...
Good start,if this is your first book ,you've got me hooked.
His first book on wattpad is better than both of my books combined. "I was a bit of a rookie" lol, your a natural calm down
Well written! Just one question, How did Aarons mother die ?
Well, I'm fairly new also, and this is much better than my work! 
                              Loving it already
ngebiy ngebiy Oct 25, 2015
Dear Diary is the first book I read, is addictive, so of course I should definitely stalk your profile to hunt for more ...aaand now here I am on the 2nd dope. Aye aye!