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Why Me?! [EXO Fan Fic]

Why Me?! [EXO Fan Fic]

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フリーダ By PaPaPaPOW Updated Jun 04, 2016

12 beautiful boys appears in your class. You and me both know chaos is waiting to orbit around us. Fan girling outbursts as the 12 princes arrive, their

 overwhelming, nosebleed making

 looks, their unique hairstyles and astonishing personalities. I'm 

 caught in their net as they pull me in for a crazy ride, are you willing to join me?


The irony... Why Me?!




A fun humorous on going story ^^ With possible things you can relate to.

You as Min-Hee (If you want)


VIDEO TRAILER IS ALL THANKS AND CREDITS TO: "Kim Jongkai" or @kaizzi and with the help of @reluctantheart!!

COVER ALL THANKS AND CREDIT TO @vikyu-sshi!! // { ☆ }

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You're my shiny star~

 --FriedzCake 弗里达

*reading this for the first time* LA LA LA NO SPOILERS PLEEEEEEASE
FriscaTaniaWijaya FriscaTaniaWijaya Oct 07, 2016
the very first time i cry on the first chapter... or maybe it's just because i'm tired...
Bangtanisdelicious Bangtanisdelicious Sep 24, 2015
Oh God, I feel like it's a good time to cry. Thunder~ thunder~ thunder~ oh~
justrose97 justrose97 Jul 31, 2015
hey. im sorry if i dont get your permission first but i've recomend your fanfic at my insta. coz i think it pretty gud. im sorry if you're mad. i'll delete my post if you want me to
PaPaPaPOW PaPaPaPOW Mar 11, 2015
@PercyJacksonManiac14 ♪Was lost~ but now, I'm found~ ♪ Thank you for reading too ;)
PercyJacksonManiac14 PercyJacksonManiac14 Mar 10, 2015
I was looking for this story for a while after I read it once and I couldn't find it but now I found it so I'm happy!