Shrek is love, Shrek is Light. (L x Shrek) Smut

Shrek is love, Shrek is Light. (L x Shrek) Smut

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L had been working day in and day out on the Kira case, sometimes he really felt like quitting. The lonley long nights were getting to him, the constant chatter of the people saying "Kira, is the god of the new world" but only L knew the truth there was only one god.. Shrek, he was the reason L kept going,  he was going to show them once and for all, he was going to find Shrek.

Everyone was surprised by L's sudden decision to take off a week from work and put the case on hold. He claimed he was overworked, he couldn't just come out and say he was going to the deepest swamp in the area to search for his beloved god.. but he was, and so L left, taking only with him his hopes and dreams to find the one man he thirsted for night after night.

L 's legs were tired. He'd been searching for hours in the muddy swamps, he was ready to give up when suddenly in the thick foliage of the swamp he spotted it like a lighthouse to a ship, there was a light dim but flickering. L slowly crept closer an...

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luvfairies luvfairies a day ago
I dont know how I got here. But I hate myself too much to leave.
Liammz Liammz Jan 06
1 finger is enough 
                              This boi got them fat ass sausages h e a d a s s
Wait-- W h a t--
                              W h y
                              A m
                              R e a d i n g
                              T h i s
                              A g a i n ?
evilturkey5 evilturkey5 Jan 02
Why are you people questioning your decision to read this? This is beautiful and should be read without thinking twice
Aillwen Aillwen Jan 06
Shrek is inside of L everyone..I repeat SHREK IS INSIDE OF L