Ever had an out of the body experience?? Well that was what Willow felt like when her family met with a gruesome accident.. Being a loner and an outcast, Willow Marrison's life was pitiful to say the least. However, when Willow makes up her mind to leave her house for a quiet town in Georgia, she believed her life was about to change for the good. But fate had other plans for her. When the family car encounters  an accident, Willow finds herself outside her body or rather with her soul left to wander outside the body, all because of one person- Paige. The betrayal of her childhood bestfriend was the last thing on her mind. What will happen when Willow sets out to destroy her friend, to attain someone else body? Will she respond to the love growing in her heart for a handsome stranger who thinks of her as his dead sister or fall for the best freind who wanders about in search for his own body?
"Tasteful Elegance" 
                                    Oh my... I love how you started it :) Nice and voted! :D
ON A MISSION! this is an amazing beginning, and i loved it! really caught my attention. voted
IM ON A MISSION! this was actually really sad, and I liked how you ended it. the way you described it made it seem kind of surreal. There weren't any errors that I could see, which is always good :) I'm interested to see where you go with this...
absoulutly amazxing beginning. totally got me hoked, can't wait to find out more. short, but really really descriptive and interesting. really nice job. can't wait to read on!
Great start. Almost dead or dead? Yup that's what rattles my mind. good gob!
I really liked the prologue :), it flowed nicely, was short but interesting, it draws the reader into the story. There was also a strong connection to the character from the start. voted :D
                                    ON A MISSION!!!