Seven Times Freed

Seven Times Freed

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The bureaucrats of the Land of the Dead had seen everything, or so they thought: Countries rose and fell. People were predictable. Those with power abused them.  Those without power were victims. Superpower countries died from internal failings. Underdogs were admired whether they were victorious or eliminated. 

But some from the Land of the Living were curious folk. Sometimes the unexpected happened. Sometimes things were not as they seemed on the surface. The powerful weren't always selfish. Sometimes the underdog was a jerk. They were worth studying, these emotionally driven creatures. They might have some insight to Universal truth. 

So the bureaucrats interviewed the recent dead to find out if they held an interesting piece of the Universal puzzle. The dead's names and histories weren't important, just the facts of their contribution to the curious parts. 

So when the man they called KM arrived, the bureaucrats presumed he would be like any other superpower leader, wouldn't he?

NOTE: If you know the Chinese classic, The Three Kingdoms, the core story will sound very familiar--except some characters are changed to women and the story is told from the mind of the brilliant Kungming.