The bad boy and The Suicidal

The bad boy and The Suicidal

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Natalie By NataliieeCx_ Updated May 25, 2016

 "Avery! Wake the fuck up and make me breakfast!"

I groaned burying myself deeper into my pillow 

"Avery! Get the hell up right now or else i'll go up there and get you myself!"

With that said I jolt out of bed and ran down the stairs to cook breakfast for him.

I made him bacon and eggs with toast hopefully satisfying him enough. "Thank you honey." he said in a sickly nice voice 

"May I go get dresses for school now sir?" I asked in a shaky voice. 

I know what you're thinking who am I calling sir. The answer to that is my father. Let me introduce myself to you my name is Avery Halls. I have fire red hair and dull brown eyes. Im 5'2. Im not fat nor skinny, i'm not the prettiest girl you ever seen. Im far from pretty actually. Im 17 years old and live in Texas with my father or sperm donor as I like to call him.My mom died saving me from being burnt alive when our house caught on fire. I was just 2 years old when she died. Ever since then my father has gotten in his sick mind that ...

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i hate this father i swear if i had the chance if i went to this story i will kill him
                              You decide I think that is how she feels. I think she might feel like happiness is like a balloon someone nicks it and it's gone
JK1026 JK1026 Jul 07, 2017
This story is good but i can't continue to read it because she calls him master. It just seems creepy like pedophilia to me