The Bad Boy Saved Me

The Bad Boy Saved Me

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Cynthia Burt By CynthiaBurt Updated Mar 31, 2016

Ok so hello my loves, this is my first book and I'm only 14 so please be nice no rude comment. If I mess up on my spelling I will fix it later. Hope you like it. :) 


"Mom please stop! I will be ok it is just a paper cut", she said but her mother would'nt stop so she pushed her mothers hand away,"Mom I said stop!". I went to   pushed my  mother away but she did not move fast enough.

As soon as my mother got hold of  my  arm  I felt a sting on the right side of her face. Her mother slaped angel in the face and said", I am your mother, you do not talk to me like that young lady," and with that she let go of angels arm. she  walked out of the room and left angel siting there.

" I don't even know what I did wrong," she said quietly to herself .With that she got up and walked up the stairs to her and her brothers bathroom . She walked in and shut the door quietly,then she looked at herself in the mirror. She saw the b...

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