Sweetly Yours

Sweetly Yours

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A few days before the 25th, Farah Dailey decided to take a risk and anonymously deliever a Christmas gift to her long-time crush, Jamie Bright. Things don't go quite as planned when a sudden snow blizzard strikes and Farah blunders her way into a sweet shop - coincidentally owned by Jamie's family.

Hm, but perhaps being trapped with your crush inside a sweet shop isn't all bad?

[ N a N o W r i M o - 2 O 1 2 ]

  • awkward
  • blizzard
  • candy
  • christmas
  • complete
  • crimson
  • crush
  • delightful
  • farah
  • jamie
  • kye
  • love
  • perfect
  • shop
  • snow
  • sweet
  • sweetly
  • sweets
  • trapped
  • winter
anakinskywalker2481 anakinskywalker2481 Dec 18, 2017
Wait this story in set in England. My country uses that system and the country was ruled by England for 165yrs. It's Trinidad and Tobago btw
Blisschic25 Blisschic25 Dec 13, 2017
Manky?? Am I the only one who has never heard this word before😂😂
xBornABaddiex xBornABaddiex Nov 23, 2017
The sound I make before my mom yells at me for eating her chips
-phoebeleonard- -phoebeleonard- Dec 18, 2017
Oh he sounds cute, and he rescued her, if she takes Jamie, I’ll take Kye
Im S3 in Scotland which is the equivalent to year 9/10 yikes
-phoebeleonard- -phoebeleonard- Dec 18, 2017
Everyone on Wattpad has such high expectations. This is why we’re all sat here reading romance books whilst being single😂😂